You enjoy living an active life, being able to run or dance or hike in the wilds of Colorado where you can discover more trees than you could possibly imagine and a delicious energy that is both healing and grounding. But, recently, you haven’t been up to par.

You enjoy living full out, moving your body, and being surrounded by this natural paradise and the myriad of wildlife – elk, moose, eagles, hawks, foxes, rabbits, deer, bears, lynxes, mountain lions, ospreys, hummingbirds, and blue jays. But, lately, you’ve been unable to do this.

Perhaps you have sustained an injury or had an accident and now you require support in healing. Or maybe you’ve spent many years on earth and your body isn’t quite as resilient as it used to be.

Massage supports you in healing from injuries and strengthening your body so that you are able to live the active life you were designed to live.  However, not just any massage will do for someone who is as active, vibrant, and alive as you. Massage with Shirlene Davis, LMT is the answer.

Shirlene was called to this place to heal herself first and then provide support to others by restoring their body’s ability to play.

When asked about why she chose Colorado, Shirlene answered, “That old saying, ‘healer heal thyself…’ yeah, that was me. I came here because I needed to heal and I needed grounding. There is something about the energy here in Colorado that just works for me. I needed a place to find who I am and I know I was supposed to be here.”

Shirlene Davis, LMT, supports the body’s ability to play through her unique blend of relaxation, orthopedic, and medicinal massage. To receive a massage from her is to experience massage in an entirely new way that leaves you standing taller, breathing easier, and moving more fluidly.

Her appointments fill up quickly, so schedule your time NOW.